Trying this again

Hello, internet-o-blogsphere!  I am Susanify, formerly known as Rad.  I used to co-write a style blog over at Cohabitating Closet with my beautiful friend Anne.  But then I realized that I only wear dark, neutral colors, and I wasn’t that interested in experimenting much.  I liked reading other’s blogs, though, because I felt connected to them.  It’s been over year since I blogged, but I miss it and I miss the relationships created/maintained through blogging.

There have been a lot of changes since then.  My book got published.  I am now an irregular correspondent on an awesome, indie radio show.  I’ve met a number of awesome bloggers in real life (like Ray and Franca).  My blokey and I really started focusing on our savings goals.  I got involved in Occupy Wall Street.  Oh, and I am expecting a baby in mid June.

So these things will affect me as I attempt to navigate blogging again.  I hope to use this blog as a style-crafty-career-food-friendship-activism blog.   My body is changing (very slowly), my dedication to thrifty cheapness abounds, and I want to be more DIY.  I don’t want to turn this into another “mommy” blog, but I do hope this blog will prevent me from exclusively wearing secondhand yoga pants for the next 6 months (and many years after).

I’m in this weird stage, shape wise, in which I look normal to any stranger, but friends tell me that it’s “obvious” that I am preggers.  I haven’t gone official about my “condition” at work yet (I want to wait until the beginning of spring semester) but my pooch-minimizing outfits are limited.  I want to limit my purchases of maternity clothes for a while, as I still have a lot growth ahead of me.  Stay tune for my thrifty attempts at bump-concealing soon.


About susanify

Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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2 Responses to Trying this again

  1. Anne says:

    Yay for you blogging again! This is a pretty exciting time in your life, so I think you’ll be glad someday that you decided to document it 🙂 And I remember learning from some pregnant friends and Kelly’s blog that leggings are your friend while in your “condition,” so that should be fun to work around for a little while.

  2. susanify says:

    Yes, there are a lot of leggings and jeggings up in this joint! I am trying this again because you make it look so fun!

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