Today, I went to school to “represent” my new course to the final step in the course proposal process, the “council.”  I didn’t want to look too sloppy, but I wanted to be comfy, too.  I made the mistake of wearing looser fitting but non-stretchy regular jeans out yesterday, and it was very uncomfortable to sit.  So I am stretchy pants only from here on out.

It’s  probably premature for these recently thrifted GAP maternity jeans (2 sizes too big and “boot cut”- skinnied and downsized by me), but I figured they are more profesh than jeggings.  I topped it with a thrifted blazer buttoning over the bump, a looser fitting top, loafers and a scarf to cover the neck area (it’s all of the sudden almost wintery cold out).

This is my old outfit posts area.  Please notice that we added a cat door.  And the many cat scratches on the door (We will replace it when we move out).  Lula thinks this return to style blogging is total insanity.

12 12

OK, the bump is bigger in my mind than in its appearance to others.  Here I am at 13weeks and 3 days.

bump 13.5 weeks


Jeans: skinnied and down-sized, Gap, via Goodwill

Top: H&M (years ago)

Blazer: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, via Goodwill (found by a great fellow secondhanding friend)

Loafers: Bass, via eBay


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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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3 Responses to Meeting

  1. Anne says:

    Aw, look at that bump! But you know if you weren’t emphasizing it in the second picture, it’s really not that noticeable (though I know it feels like it is to you!)

    I really like this blazer on you! I know that it’s still a neutral, but it’s a nice departure from your usual blacks and grays, and it looks really sharp! The tan buttons are especially cute.

  2. susanify says:

    Rollin found it while were in Goodwill last spring (during a visit). Of course, the artist, not the professor, had the eye for the awesome. The buttons are great- maybe they’re made of wood?

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