Bump friendly dresses

Even though I jumped the gun on maternity jeans (and I am grateful for this- button extenders and Bellebands don’t seem like my style), I am still wearing loose and comfortable, non-maternity dresses and tops.  How lucky to be preggo during a time when flowy tops and slender-fitting bottoms are considered fashionable.  But I didn’t wear that combination today (I will soon).  Instead, I wore a new to me, thrifted H&M dress with an empire waist to play pool tonight (and some saucy Bingo, which I did not excel at).


Here is my post eating, end of the day Week 14 bump:



I wore this dress to holiday after work drinks last Thursday (where I had two festive waters).  My colleague who knows claimed that I looked “clearly pregnant” while sitting down.  But I don’t have to be in to school again until late January, so hopefully my huge belly won’t give anything away for a while.

I will be dog sitting a beautiful husky for the next couple days, but otherwise still engaged in the hard work of sleeping a lot.  Hope everyone has an excellent last week of work before the holidays.


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4 Responses to Bump friendly dresses

  1. Anne says:

    The button placket on this (that’s what you call it, right?) feels very you – kind of vintage style. And look how cute you look in this dress! I love the red in the print 🙂

    Question about wearing non-maternity dresses while pregnant… do you have to size up? Is there a time when you’ll have to switch to maternity dresses, like once your bump really pops? I’ve just always wondered how that all works, and I really have no clue.

  2. susanify says:

    Yes, I think it’s called a placket! I thought you would like the print. Colors! But still a generally neutral looking dress.
    I haven’t been sizing up anything yet. The dress was my standard size at H&M and I have several other maternity-friendly dresses that are already in my closet. I look for stuff in my existing size because I want the shoulders to fit. If I gain more in the chestal arena, though, that may change things. Generally, maternity clothes are cut for your “pre-pregnancy” size but as people gain weight in different places, they may adjust.

  3. Colleen says:

    Cute dress! I bet you will be able to wer it throughout the pregnancy.

    In maternity clothes, you tend to wear your pre-pregnancy size. The same applies to great dresses like this, especially if it has an empire waist. Even at 37 weeks, I’ve been able to wear my pre-pregnancy leggings as long the cut is low on your belly.

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