Holiday nesting

Blokey and I aren’t traveling for the holidays (He hates flying around Christmas because our finals run very late, and we are taking a trip in January, so it evens out.  I saw a lot of my family this fall.  They will be seeing more of me as the bean continues to grow).  So I am officially vegging out, not really worrying to much or making lists or guilting about imaginary offenses.  First on my list is bread making.  Our friend is coming over for dinner so I wanted to make some Lavash crackers to serve as appetizer, maybe with hummus.  I used the recipe from Peter Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Bible, which was a generous wedding gift. (The recipe is reposted here).

Here is my first batch:


I only had coarse sea salt and sesame seeds for the toppings.  I’ll try to pick up caraway seeds and poppy seeds for the next batch (for when another friend comes over next Wednesday).  I’d also like to experiment with making these 1/2 whole wheat (our guest tonight is a fan of white flour things, so he won’t mind).

In addition, we’ve been doggy sitting our friend’s Husky.  I love his dog, Lola.  She is a rescue dog with perfect confidence and just enough affection.  She also cleans herself and likes to curl up.  I wouldn’t leave her alone and unsupervised with the cats, but we don’t have to physically separate them when one of us is home.  The cats were a little afraid sometimes but there’s been a lot of sniffing, touching, and general ignoring.

Were these two separated at birth?  They’re both about 6 years old…


Lola the Husky


Lula the kitty

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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2 Responses to Holiday nesting

  1. Anne says:

    Lula and Lola could be kindred spirits 🙂 Another dog who adores you curls up like that on the couch all the time. Like, as I type this.

    Those crackers look yummy! I’d love to dip those in some hummus or pair them with a nice soft cheese. I’m probably just hungry.

  2. susanify says:

    Aw… which one was it?
    Maybe we can make crackers next time I come visit. I am thinking… sometime in late March or mid February. xx

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