Happy Post Xmas

Although I do enjoy them, Blokey and I skipped the huge family filled (and travel filled) holiday celebrations.  Since 2011, we’ve been “making our own traditions.”  But maybe next year, with a 6 month old, we might travel.  Who knows?

Despite the holidays, I like to be ambitious with my cooking.  There were plans (that did not materialize) of trying to make croissants.  I have the pack of European style butter in my fridge, but haven’t started yet.  I’m a little intimidated by the puff pastry making process, but I figure that it’s all a learning process, right?  Maybe that’s a good project for New Year’s Day, which is also the date of our 16 week appointment.

Here’s some of the culinary goings on (I’ve mostly been in running tights, sweats, and velour pants since work obligations have been on hold. Yes, I may have entertained in velour pants!) I did dress up a bit to go out to eat on Christmas Day, but I was surprised to see that even my tent-like top gave away my 15 week bump.

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There may have been port wine cheese consumed (hey, I lived in Wisconsin between ages 6 weeks and 4 years. Old habits!  I didn’t join the mailing list).

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A Christmas tradition- whole wheat pancakes late in the morning (I used to make these for my family growing up starting around age 14. My mother hates all pancakes except mine, which is odd considering that I follow a highly unsophisticated Betty Crocker buttermilk pancake recipe.  We use butter, not shortening.  The fetus demands real butter.) These have mini-chocolate chips and banana-walnut add-ins.

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Nothing says “Boxing Day” like homemade pita bread and shakshuka, an Israeli breakfast dish for dinner right? (Shakshuka recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  I use the pita bread recipe from The Fresh Loaf, substituting 1/2 whole wheat flour.  My many failed attempts to get puffy pocket bread has taught me to not roll out the dough quite as thin as I’d like, spray them with water, and put it into a 500 degree F oven for only 5 minutes.  Almost perfect)

I think my pregnancy hormones make me crave lemony/citrusy things, so I am on a big Middle Eastern kick (and generally obsessed with Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes on the Guardian.)

Hope everyone’s last week of 2012 is a blast! Or relaxing. Or both!


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9 Responses to Happy Post Xmas

  1. Anne says:

    I’ve had that shakshuka recipe saved for meatless Monday for months, and just never got around to making it – turns out I’m usually working too late to mess around with new recipes on Mondays. It looks so yummy! And I don’t blame you/baby for craving Middle Eastern food – lemon and mint are both really good flavors. I’ve been more along the lines of Mediterranean, but I know if we were cooking together we’d be able to combine them nicely, tying them together with your homemade pita.

    That’s cool that you make pancakes every year too! I love big breakfasts for the holidays 🙂

  2. susanify says:

    You can always add a little turkey and try it on a non-Monday! I think Cynthia makes shakshuka with meat added. We will definitely have to do some cooking sometime soon. I’ve been making (and eating) a lot of hummus and babaganoush lately, too.
    Big breakfast are the best!

    • Anne says:

      Or just have a meatless meal on a non-Monday 🙂 I’ve been making homemade hummus like crazy! We got a little mini food processor for a shower gift, and it’s perfect for that! I don’t know how I went so many years without making it myself. Another great Rad intervention.

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Look who it is! I had no idea you were blogging again nor that you were having a baby! Congrats!

    (Port wine cheese used to be my faaaaavorite. They haven’t made a vegan version…yet.)

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