On my mind (ambitions and anxiety)

So lately I’ve had a few things on my mind:

1) Weight gain and healthy eating: I am generally a pretty good eater: whole grains, organic stuff, veggies, about 90% vegetarian, mostly home cooked meals, limited sweets.  Lately, I’ve become obsessed with eating junky snack foods and fast foods.  I don’t indulge, because I am a spiteful and stubborn control freak.  Part of this is obsessing over “better choices.”  Like yesterday, after a strenuous hatha yoga class (maybe strenuous because I less strong with my delicate condition), I really wanted ice cream.  Instead, I bought a bag of Clemtines and devours about 4, along with a 1/2 lbs of grapes.  I have a possibly irrational fear of gestational diabetes.  My mom had high blood sugar problems around age 45, and evidently ladies of Asian descent (of which I am one) have higher risk than European-descent types.  Anyway, I am concerned because I seem to be on the higher end of normal weight gain for this time (17 weeks).  Nothing to be super concerned about, but I find that when I allow myself some cookies, my weight really shoots up that week.  So not worth it.  At least not until I seem to be veering towards the middle of “normal weight gain.”

2) Class prep: classes start on January 28th. Which is a lot of time but we leave for a 8 day trip to Sweden (planned before I knew I was prego) next Tuesday.  Which means I should kick my butt into high gear but haven’t.  I will start (I swear) and put in two good hours after this post.

3) Back pain: Evidently this is super common in the second trimester.  But so soon?  I had shooting back pain starting on Thursday.  I moaned a lot and rested, but it seemed to get worse.  On Friday, I did yoga which seemed to help a bit.  But on Saturday, I went to the gym and walked about 3 miles.  The first 10 minutes were excruciating.  Then, like a fog, most of the pain went away.  I was 90% better by Sunday, but I’ve decided to go to the gym and walk/jog for 45 minutes and do back strengthening exercises at least 6/week.  (I got lax over the holidays, once Lola was gone.  MISTAKE!) I am still stiffer than usual, but I know that for me, exercise keeps pain away.

4) Building a local mommy network: I have a few friends who are having babies soon (and many more who are already moms), but sadly they live far away.  I’m making it a goal to build a mommy network here.  First stop- meeting a brand new mom that I’ve met casually in group settings before for a nice walk on Wednesday.  Step two- attending a prenatal yoga class either at the Y or a private studio (this one) and chatting with at least two of the ladies there.  And then keep going and saying hi.

5) Sewing: I want to make baby clothes/gifts for my friends who are having babies and my niece, who turns one in February.  One of problem is that I don’t know how to size for babies/toddlers.  I checked out a few books from the library.  There weren’t as many “sewing for your baby” books as I would have hoped, but the two I received (Sew and Go Baby and Simple Sewing for Baby) had pristine patterns. Awesome.


Sew and Go Baby is like your aunt’s baby sewing book- practical, not to great on design front, and geared towards somewhat of a seasoned home seamstress (I am more like a pre-seasoned seamstress).

Here’s my favorite projects from Sew and Go:

Neck Pillow (for baby)

Bunting Bag

One issue is that the actual patterns are crowded on a few tissue papers, which probably make sewing and organization a bit messy.

But the patterns have multiple sizes, and the instructions are decent.  This book is out of print but available from private sellers on Amazon (and maybe some craft sites online).

Simple Sewing for Baby is geared towards the hipper, younger, urban dwelling novice sewer.  Like many of the “hipster craft” books, it’s spiral bound, has clean lines, and uses really lovely fabrics (Amy Butler, Marimekko, and Ikea. We have quite a bit of Ikea fabrics in our own house).

Here are some of the cuter projects:

A fancy, velcro snuggler (which is just a more elaborate swaddler)

A super simple girl’s dress, complete with a “pocket friend” (so cute, it hurts).

A tag blanket for infants.  Since Taggies retail around $30, this seems like the perfect gift (for a friend, or for your own baby).  However, there are many online tutorials for tag blankets. This one is good, as is this one).  I just need to stop by M&J trimmings for the perfect mix of satin ribbons.

Unlike the “old school” tissue patterns of the other book, Simple Sewing for Baby uses standard paper, some which need to be taped together, similar to PDF patterns.  There are also cute stencils.  (I’ve added fabric paints to my Amazon wish list).

OK, off to class prep. Hope your first week of 2013 is productive (or at least plan-filled!)


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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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6 Responses to On my mind (ambitions and anxiety)

  1. Anne says:

    Of course you’re making your own baby clothes 🙂 How fun though! Can’t wait to see what you make!

    And I’m so glad to hear you’re going out and making new Mommy friends! I feel like with any big life thing, it’s great to have a support network. You do have lots of long-distance fellow moms who I’m sure would always be happy to give you advice or just listen (like, your point about weight… I can’t offer any advice because I have no clue about eating with regards to pregnancy), but having support nearby is so important.

    Exercise always helps my non-pregnancy-related back pain – the more I do it, the better I feel, so definitely keep that up!

  2. susanify says:

    I thought about you and how you’ve had back pain, and thought, WWAD? Work it out, of course!
    Ugh, I hate the weight issue. I said no to vinegar and sea salt kettle chips yesterday. What is going on in this world?

    • Anne says:

      Why not make your own! Bob got me a mandoline for Christmas and we’ve made so many yummy, oven-baked chips with it! Just sayin…. that’s the answer to WWBD? if wondering about eating chips.

      Also with regards to back problems and Christmas presents, Bob got me this foam roller (http://www.rei.com/product/822956/trigger-point-performance-the-grid-foam-roller) and it’s helped loosen all my muscles up, but especially my back. I know my solution to most problems is to go shopping, but maybe your gym has a foam roller you could try out too? But it is weird how much exercise helps, especially since I want to just lounge on the couch and rest when I’m in pain.

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