Sweden-bound! (And your jet lag strategies here)

I am now 18 weeks into my pregnancy, which I seems the same as 17 weeks, belly size, symptoms, and hunger wise.  I did lay off freaking out about my eating last week, after meeting with my new mom friend.  (Note to self: daily weigh-in are not making you saner or healthier). Last week was also one of those weeks of relevative crazy after relative quiet in terms of social plans, as it seemed like every free moment was filled with a lunch, coffee, dinner, or running around town with different friends.  (Yeay for a visit from our favorite artist!) Today is the first day that there are no guests in our home, but our relative domestic quiet will soon end when we embark on our 7 day trip to Göteborg, Sweden.  (I am a huge fan of the umlaut- German, Swedish, Danish, etc.)  I’ve never been to Sweden before, but I’ve been making vague promises to visit our friends there since 2004.  No time like the present!

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Since we are only in Sweden for 7 days, we want to make the best of time by avoiding sleeping through the days.  Blokey has been up since noon yesterday, and won’t sleep until 1 PM.  He hopes to wake by around 10 PM today, and stay up until we get on the plane at 5PM tomorrow.  Did I mention that he’s a lovable nut?

I could not sacrifice sleep today, because I need to finalize my presentation (OK, write my presentation) that I”ll give next Tuesday at a nearby university.  I am already spelling error prone.  I bet those Swedish academics will be more bothered than my sleepy, texting students.  So I will try to go to sleep at 9 PM tonight, wake up around 4-5 AM, and do a lot of errands.  Their wishlist includes proper NYC bagels and some Tollhouse cookies.  Can one not get American style cookies in Sweden?  Probably, but they’re probably a real treat.  We also have a 7.5 hour layover in Helsinki (aka my man’s motherland) and we hope to take a bus into city center, wander around, eat laskiaispulla, and stay awake best we can on Wednesday morning.

Since we are bringing pretty big toys for the girls, I’ll have to work extra hard to pack for tomorrow.  Our ternary includes traveling (elastic waistbands!), wandering around, one fancy pants poetry reading night, lots of playing on the floor with the two girls (aged 6 and 3), and some outdoor staring at maritime and quaint stuff.  Here is my packing list thus far.  As you can imagine, it will mostly be black, grey, white, and some denim:

Checked bag (which I’ll share with Blokey):
underwear/socks/tights for 7 days
long underwear shirts (2)
2 short sleeve layering shirts
3 tops (tshirts/sweater, one blouse?)
jeans, stretch pants
1 skirt (dressy/stretch)
1 dress (stretchy)
1 set of lounge/sleep clothes

toiletries: toothbrush, skincare stuff, toothpaste
stainless steelwater bottle
granola bars, clementines, maybe some leftovers
reading materials
USB/copy of presentation

My traveling outfit will be stretchy pants, two layered longer shirts, black boots (shown here), big sweater, and a winter jacket (that I will probably punch down into a pillow).  I figured that the boots will suffice for most of our walking around adventures and everything else, except the presentation.  I am not packing 7 different outfits because in my experience, Europeans don’t care about double wearing clothes the way Americans do.

Anyone have any packing suggestions?  Ways to beat jet lag?


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6 Responses to Sweden-bound! (And your jet lag strategies here)

  1. Raquelita says:

    I feel like the biggest schmoe in the world right now for somehow not knowing a) about this blog and b) that you are pregnant. Huge congratulations! Safe flying, and I have found that melatonin – both in pill form and naturally occurring (like in dried cherries) helps me with jet lag.

  2. Kelly says:

    You’re blogging again! Yay!
    My most sincere congratulations on your pregnancy! So exciting.
    Jetlag cures? Stay hydrated and sleep as much as possible.

    • susanify says:

      Thank you, thank you, KellyBean! I have been hydrating and trying to sleep best we can. Today is Friday Cuddles day in Sweden, which means baking cookies with the girls and watching a movie on the couch (and giving them their T-O-Y, which I have been spelling out because they know enough English to recognize the word toy). It’s been fun and exciting- both the pregnancy and the trip. If you have sage advice, please send it along!

  3. Monet says:

    Smile. It is so fun that we are right along each other in our pregnancies! I only wish I was going to Sweden with you! Drink lots of water and try to stay awake when you arrive (if it is daytime, that is!) Thank you for sharing with me. This post, along with my cup of hot chocolate, is making for a very lovely Thursday morning. Have a great weekend!

    • susanify says:

      Thanks for stopping by! So far, Sweden has been great. We are still a little tired and so far the baby seems to enjoy international traveling (and international baked goods) just fine! Now I want a het choklad (I’ll get one with a semla this afternoon).

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