School’s in!

Yesterday was the start of the spring semester.  As I am now at 20 weeks, and the semester is 16 weeks long, it will be almost exactly the length of time between now and full term.  Since 20 weeks is a long time, I’m glad to have many papers to grade, papers to write, and mountains of emails to read in addition to obsessing about baby things.

I spent a lot of time agonizing about whether to tell my students about my condition, but I decided (upon consultation with many trusted friends) to just show up and teach.  Eventually, they will figure it out, right?  For now, flowy knits, stretchy pants/skirts and unstructured pieces help.  I tried to wear my dress pants which were always too big to wear without a belt yesterday, but there was too much pocket pulling and muffin-topping, so stretchy skirt won.  I was too rushed to get in a pic but I’ll try to recreate it soon.

In the meantime, I miss Sweden and my friends, so here’s some more pics!

Gota river from Trollhätten

Frozen Gota river

Playing among icebanks in 20 degree weather in Keller Park (Hisingen Island)

Skansen Kronon (The Crown Fortlet): one of the 17th century fortresses that used to guard the city (which was walled and guarded at night).

A view of the city (and the old cannons) from the Crown Fortlet

Saturday is candy day. We went to the candy destination in central Goteborg.

A typical beautiful building in Haga. Probably from the mid 19th century
No visit to Sweden is complete without checking out their jokebooks for kids.

Typical joke in the book: a Norwegian joke


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