Overnight growth!

All of the sudden, it is very clear to me and perhaps even strangers that I am with child. I can’t button the lower part of my winter coat (and the top part isn’t easy either, when you used to size clothes around what was a very small chest), I’m way bigger all around, and the bump is rounder and higher.  Eek!

The biggest changes recently are:

1. It’s clear that my legs (where I gain weight first- I’m a classic pear) are getting bigger, but possibly also my feet.  My lower body just wants to expand.  My thighs are pretty much touching (which is a feat if you’re very bowlegged like me) and I have way more noticeable amounts of visible cellulite.  Not that I was completely cellulite free pre-preggo, but I didn’t notice much and I wore short shorts and two-piece bathing suits with little concern.  I guess those days are over!

2. I am having this problem (TMI warning- don’t click if you’re squeamish!)

3. I get out of breath easily, and but differently from the first trimester.  This time, it feels like my lungs don’t have enough space.  Maybe slightly asthmatic?  Before, I just felt low energy and sleepy.  I skipped the 11 flights of stairs up to the office this morning (I’ll do at least one set today).

4. I am craving fatty foods less and now want fresh foods and green vegetables.  We had this yesterday for dinner and it hit the spot.  (I followed the basic recipe, but I added lots of lentils, 1/2 a chopped avocado, and when the kale ran out, some julienned raw beets.  So good!)  I want to eat it 3 times a weeks for dinner.  Maybe I went through a short fetal growth spurt that is now tapering off?

But it’s all worth it.  Bring it, body changes!  (Though I admit that I’m very much looking forward to losing the weight and getting my old body back.  Am I the only person who think losing baby weight might be kinda fun?)



This weekend, I had the privilege of finally meeting Rebecca from Fosterhood NYC. And she gave me (free!) a stroller.  I don’t know much about strollers, as we plan to baby-wear as much as possible, but I do know that I can’t refuse such generosity!  You can imagine how much my blokey liked pushing an empty stroller down the street last night.  Tonight, after class, I’m buying a baby carrier for $10, as advertised on a parents group listserve.  Thrifty parenting win!

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!  I fly out to Chicago tomorrow, and I am looking forward to seeing Anne, family, and many others!


About susanify

Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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3 Responses to Overnight growth!

  1. Monet says:

    Ah! Congrats on the free stroller. And your little bump looks so very cute. Thank you for sharing with me. What a bright start to my morning. A cup of tea and your blog makes for a good Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • susanify says:

      Aw, thanks for the lovely comment. I think it looks bigger in the photo than in person, because my friends commented that it was barely noticeable this weekend.

  2. Raquelita says:

    Woot! Woot! Free baby wheels! You and your bump are looking super cute and rad. It seems like your hair is getting long, too…?
    Have a great time in Chi-town!

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