I flew to Chicago and back from my niece’s one year birthday, and had the privilege of visiting with a friend and her new baby and Anne!  (We didn’t take pictures, though.  Very silly).  It was a great trip, and I have one more major flight/trip left for the rest of my pregnancy.  I will be going to San Francisco in April, at 30 weeks.  I’m not too nervous, but I definitely need a pair of super sexy support hose to minimize my risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis. 

ImagePricey and ugly.  Win-win.

In addition to the free stoller, the super cheap Baby Bjorn, I also scored a bunch of hand me down maternity clothes, and even a maternity coat from my recently pregnant friends.  They say that pregnancy (like getting married, depression, obesity) travels within social networks.  This may be true, but also the social networks are a boon to pregnant ladies.  (I’ll keep the karma rolling by passing stuff on the next person!)

My niece is the cutest thing ever.  Wait, my friend’s 1 month old daughter is the cutest thing ever.  Of course, until I meet my baby, who will clearly be the cutest thing ever.  


Here she is, reading a Moomintroll board book in Swedish.  I read it to her, but I don’t know Swedish pronunciation.  I pretended it was German.  Good enough.  

It was so nice to see Anne and her partner, and other friends (including a 38 week pregnant friend and our cool elected official buddy).  While I failed to photograph the event (brunch was so good!), I did catch a few pictures of these pretty vintage train ads on the elevated train platform downtown.



The CTA goes hipster chic.  Who knew?

This week is a “half week” because we President’s Day off.  (Thank you, Presidents!) I wish I could say that I totally took advantage of Monday to write 10 pages and cross things off my long term to-do list, but mostly I recovered from the trip.  This preggo lady needs more down time, for sure!

Hope everyone in internet-land has a lovely third week of February!





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3 Responses to A-traveling

  1. Anne says:

    It was so fun to see you on Sunday! Bob and I were wondering when the last time you visited without staying with us for a couple days must have been – but we were happy to see/cook with you for a few hours at least! How are we always so bad at taking pictures when we get together? 🙂 I meant to get a picture of all of us, but was so into all of the eating and catching up that it just didn’t happen. Oh well, you’ll have to come back!

    Is the CTA still hipster when those are, I think, some of their own original ads (or at least other regional lines?) But I always dig a vintage poster.

    I think you’ve taken all the precautions you need to for your flight in April, so just remember to get up and walk around a lot! (have I told you that my mom worries about DVT for anyone flying on any length of flight?)

    • susanify says:

      I think the CTA can still have hipster cred just for resurrecting its own vintage ads. I am impressed. (The vintage train that the MTA runs during Xmas also ups its hipster cred. But public transit in general is pretty hipstery. You can’t be so ironic and cool in a car by yourself, can you?)
      Yes, I haven’t stayed at your place in ages. I don’t know if I will again soon, but I will see you! With bambino.
      Hehe, your mom is funny. I just got up and walked around to prevent it. Damn you, deep veins!

  2. Monet says:

    Adorable little girl. And isn’t it great to score awesome hand-me-downs? My sister had a baby in August, and I’ve been enjoying all the little gifts. And I will also need to get some of those sexy support hose. We’re flying to Texas in April. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are having a great day!

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