That not so sweet spot

I spend the first few weeks of the semester feeling So! Excited! and Enthusiastic! And then grind of waking up pre-dawn, dealing with repetitive questions from students (all well meaning, I know), and the realities of grading pull me down to reality.  It’s Week 5 of the semester, and there are a total of 16 weeks (although about 2 of those weeks are holidays), so I am not quite halfway, but I am getting a bit worn down.  I recently realized that I need to quit running (for now) because my pelvic girdle pain has gotten really bad.  Like I can barely stand up after running bad. I’ll still figure out ways to exercise regularly (like our nice 5 mile walk yesterday), but it’s still a bummer.  So rather than bum out about the inevitable, here’s a list of things to be happy about.

1. This lentil soup (from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone) is my latest food obsession.  I am going to make a double batch tomorrow.  Somehow, Blokey and I are able to inhale that pound of beans in two days.

2. La Leche League is now meeting in my neighborhood.  (Though not regularly enough to be listed on the link).  So cool.

3. Rebecca’s new addition!

4. Weather that strongly suggests hints of spring

5. My girl J-Law and her Oscar win!  (She is my totally age-inappropriate girl crush).

6. Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogan in the new series of Arrested Development?  Only two more months now…

And because I think blogs need pics, here an awesome pic of the AD cast, just because



Anyone else need some perking up?  Mental/emotional caffeine?  Hope you’re having a lovely Monday.


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4 Responses to That not so sweet spot

  1. Anne says:

    That picture just totally made my morning! But I’m slightly creeped out by grown-up George Michael. Is that the intended effect?

    And there’s plenty of other exercises you can do if running is getting too uncomfortable. Might swimming be an option? That’s what always gets recommended when running causes other injuries, so maybe it’d be good for you too?

    • susanify says:

      He is still cute!
      I am not supposed to breaststroke, which is the only swimming I know how to do. Boo! I hate swimming anyway. I have enough broadness in my upper shoulders. I may do a water fitness class at some point but I’d need a new swimsuit!

  2. Raquelita says:

    Ay! Sorry to hear about the pain and having to put the stop to running for the time being! I feel you on the feeling worn down at this point in the term. I am hoping that spring break rejuvenates me and that the increasing amounts of Alaskan sun help me after that — of course that means attendance in my classes will significantly dwindle out here on the last frontier…..

    • susanify says:

      Aw, thanks Ray. Not running sucks (i may have snuck in a 1/2 mile on the treadmill yesterday anyway) and I am sad to not be able to do it for the next 4-5 months (since you typically have to lay off exercise for 6 weeks after giving birth). But I hope it’s a good opportunity to rest up, maintain my cardio, and generally take it down a notch. Life is long and there are loads of opportunities for miles.
      Yes, Spring Break! I can’t wait. I hope that the longer days come soon for you!

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