Weighing on my mind

If you haven’t figured out already, I have weird body issues.  Made weirder by the fact I am supposed to be gaining weight and have a significant body changes at this stage of my life.  In the first part of my pregnancy, I was gaining weight faster than average.  Then I started tracking calories, but then I stopped.  I may have to start again.


The good news is that everything is just fine and dandy with our little buddy.  Measuring fine and kicking up a storm.  (In fact, kicking and punching the doppler, interrupting the otherwise rhythmic baby heartbeat sounds*).
The unfortunate news is that I’ve been gaining weight like an overacheiever.  Since I am of a normal BMI, my doc wants me to gain about 1 lb. a week.  Since I see her about every four 4 weeks/once, that would be a 3-5 lbs gain per visit.  Guess who gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks.  For a total of 20 lbs in just 24 a 1/2 weeks?
Since my blood pressures is still very good (100 over something), my awesome doc is not yet worried about preeclampsia.  But there is a strong possibility of gestational diabetes.  Or nothing.  The doctor says sometimes you just get a blip of a lot of weight gain, and then you settle down.  The blood glucose screen is in 3 weeks and we’ll find out more then.  But until then, no more baked goods/candy (although I will continue to allow myself fruit!)  Bummer, but it seems that pregnancy hormones are really changing how my body holds on to weight.  In that it seems to think we’re in some kind of famine.
Since I am now visibly pregnant, I finally sent out an email to my colleagues announcing our good news.  They have all been very nice and supportive.  But now that my lovely colleagues now (it is a majority male department), now everyone greets me with eyes on the belly (and then probably while making a mental note about how much weight I’ve gained).  It’s not fun, but that’s the deal, I guess.  The pregnant body is a public body.   I don’t really like it, but I knew that would be the case.  The question is- when will my students start talking?  And will they ask me or just whisper? (Given that some students don’t know their professors’ names, I imagine this may be something they don’t notice for a while).  I will no longer squeeze myself into my pre-pregnancy “professional” clothes for teaching anymore, though.  (This included my pre-pregnancy dress pants with a Maternity Belly Band).  Starting Week 6 (Monday), I’ll be rocking knit tops and maternity pants/stretchy skirts!
Since I can no longer run, I am now taking 3 mile walks almost everyday, including during a long break between classes along the West Side Highway Park path just one block from my office.  And doing some treadmill walking at the gym on an incline.  Walking bores me to tears, but luckily there are great podcasts to make it all go quickly.
*I had thought about buying a fetal doppler for home use at one point.  Given that my belly buddy Never. Stops. Moving. (since week 16!) this does not seem necessary.

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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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2 Responses to Weighing on my mind

  1. Monet says:

    My little one is moving all the time too. It’s amazing how often I want to tell my friends, family, strangers….look at her move! And I can completely relate to the weight gain issues. Goodness, it’s really hard. Some days I worry I’m gaining too much…then not enough. Thankfully, little Lucy is receiving everything she needs and the doctor isn’t worried. But it’s still hard! Keep it up, you look beautiful!

    • susanify says:

      Thanks for the sweet comment, Monet! I am mostly concerned about any possible health risks associated with sudden weight gain. Thank goodness for good prenatal care. So exciting to her about your little one moving around. Isn’t the second trimester amazing!

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