Secondhand score!

I’ve always wanted to be a thrifty, second-hand mama.  I wasn’t sure if I had the patience to DIY, make, and upcycle as much as some other awesome ladies (like Carrie!)  But I have learned that I am pretty good at parent listserves (bless you, Yahoo groups!) and Craigslist.  And I have the right personality for negotiating and coordinating with strangers, even in their homes (Blokey comes with me, although I don’t think he needs to).

My haul from Saturday evening:

Clothes for when the bambino is a bit bigger (18-24 months)


Aiden and Anais (!!!) swaddle blankets, some books, a wooden toy


Onesies, sleepers, and other newborn, 0-3, 3-6 month clothes!


I couldn’t help it!  They were super cheap and so cute!  Why are baby clothes so cute?

Also, in case you can’t tell, it’s a boy!

I was talking to Blokey about how being a second hand, thrifty parent is so much easier now with the internet.  And the rise of eBay, parenting listserve, and swaps, I think it’s no longer stigmatized.  It’s just smart.  (I mean, these little buddies grow so quick!)  One of my friends had an entirely second baby shower.  There are so many great deals on second hand in such a dense urban population, I think it makes sense- from both an ecological and economic perspective.

What do you think- second baby stuff yeay or nay?


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9 Responses to Secondhand score!

  1. Franca says:

    Of course! We bought some vests new right at the start when he turned out smaller than we imagined possible (we took three sizes to the hospital and the smallest one was too big), but apart from that all his clothes were either presents or second hand. We have absolute masses of stuff as well! We bought two bundles off gumtree (like craigslist) and my mum’ friend’s friend got rid of 12 (!) boxes.

    I was going to say something about you getting ahead of yourself getting two year old stuff, but then I bought a raincoat and hat combo from a charity shop the other day that is for 112cms, i.e six years! It reminded me of paddington bear, what can I say?

    • susanify says:

      I am getting ahead of myself! But fleece sleepers for an 18 month old for $.50? I said yes to them all!
      What are vests? Are they what we call “onsies” in the US (the single shirts that also cover the baby crotch area?) Aw, Milo was too small for your outfits? So cute. He must be so much bigger!
      I may also, ahem, bought a second hand sweater for a two year old with that cute Dutch Bunny on it. Oops!

  2. Franca says:

    also, yeah, boy! It’s so nice to not have to call them it, isn’t it?

    • susanify says:

      Yes! And to think of names. I would be happy with either gender, but now that I know, I am getting even more excited thinking about adventures I’ll have with our son. (son!) Crazy!

  3. Monet says:

    We are all about finding second hand baby stuff. Unfortunately, my older sister has had 3 boys (her only girl was born 10 years ago!) so we’re having to search outside the family for little girl things. I loved all the things you found! Amazing job, sweet friend!

    • susanify says:

      I love the image of your daughter surrounded by all her male cousins. Adorable!
      If you haven’t joined already, I would look up parent listserves in your area. They have been a real goldmine for our hunt. And occasionally hitting up second/thrift places.

  4. Raquelita says:

    Total yay for baby boys and total yeah for second-hand baby items!! I’m not a parent, but my sister-in-law rocked and continues to rock the swaps, consignment items, and so forth for my niece.

    • susanify says:

      I feel like there is some weird generational thing (my mom is grossed out by her future grandchild wearing someone else’s stuff), so it’s good to hear taht I’m in good company.

  5. Stephanie says:

    You don’t know me (I came here from fosterhood)but we’re totally about second hand baby stuff. I LOVE Craigslist and there are a bunch of local yardsale pages on facebook, too. If your mom is grossed out by the second hand clothes, she would really freak out about used bottles, but those Dr. Brown’s bottles are insanely expensive. I bought new nipples, for the most part, but regardless, they all get boiled and sterilized. I found that with the baby gear, the secondhand stuff gave me time to figure out what I really liked and needed.

    All the best with the next three months!

    P.S. Those Aden and Anais blankets were a real score!

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