See the light!

It’s too early for me to see the end of the tunnel of this pregnancy, but I am getting close to being done with the semester! I teach five more days of classes (which is a lot, as many of folks are finishing up their courses already) and then final exams, which will likely be take-home and submitted online. If I can convince Little Buddy to stay put and avoid causing too much contract-y drama until May 15 (the day after the last day of class), then we’ll be home free. (Of course, grading papers with a new baby probably won’t be easy, but it will be better than trying to scramble to find substitutes).

Life has been busy lately, despite my earlier pledge to “take it easy” (both to my doctor, my partner, and my mom, who has expressed her concerns about my continued 4-6 mile walks). I know lots of women maintain really high levels of energy and activity throughout their pregnancy, but I should probably just realize that I am not them, and I need more recovery and more rest than I wish I did (including from too many social engagements).

Enough boring, here’s the pics:20130430_182024

Belly at 33 weeks and 2 days (me plus 28-30 lbs.  Excuse the double chin action and the bathroom shot.  We have no other full length mirrors and regular camera is missing in action.  We have plans to buy a nicer one for Little Dude).  Everyone tells me that I don’t look almost 8 months pregnant.  Since our buddy is measuring at an average/above average weight, I am not worried or concerned.  I chalk it up to first pregnancy, impressively strong ab muscles (doctor’s explanation, not mine), and a very long, very useful torso.


Two beautiful gifts from the baby shower: a Guatemalan baby sling (for when Buddy is over 6 months) and a handmade by a friend, one of the kind nursing shield (so pretty!)


Baby Boy’s books from friends (My friends so hip and have good tastes)

20130430_182138Part of the hipness (trilingual picture book?  Don’t mind if I do).

20130430_182156From our Germany-based friends (The German version reads: One, Two, Three, Animal.  Rhyming and learning the Deutsch.  Love!)

print me

Too cool to smile: Blokey, Belly, and Bed-Stuy (our version of “pregnancy pics”.  That’s a 1970s vintage leather jacket on my shaggy dude.  I am wearing an American Apparel tunic from my non-pregnant days.  Pics taken by our internet-famous digital artiste friend, Rollin Leonard. I never meant to be a bad urban stereotype).  These pics demonstrate to me that I probably need to invest in some kind of all natural, fragrance free lip color for photography purposes, but I hate lip stick.  Suggestions?

Tomorrow is my “work” baby shower, which is more of a casual celebration with students and coworkers.  Then two more teaching days next week, then we wrap up classes with presentations in my research seminar and a climate change summit simulation in my other class (goal: The New York Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change- will my students do what the international community has failed to do?)

Can’t believe it almost May and we’re almost done.  Happy Tuesday to all.


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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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2 Responses to See the light!

  1. Anne says:

    Wow, that baby has grown since the last time you posted a picture! 30 pounds sounds like a pretty reasonable amount of baby weight, and you look great! I didn’t notice any double chins in either picture.

    Good luck getting to the end of the semester! Just remember what’s coming after that. New Arrested Development, of course 🙂

  2. susanify says:

    Of course! Arrested Development! I know that Michael Hurwitz must have known that would be the awkward part of my pregnancy.
    Thanks for the sweet words. I feel more cumbersome everyday, but I still think I’m having a pretty good pregnancy, as it goes. I hope to not get too huge!
    Miss you!

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