Taking it down a notch

This weekend was REALLY sleepy (just one social event and two attempted ones that we didn’t follow up on) and as a result, I had a lot more energy on Sunday evening and Monday for teaching.  I guess it’s going to low key from here on out, although I have ambitious plans for this Thursday (we’ll see how it goes).

Woah, belly has really rounded out this week!  I didn’t realize it until I compared it to the 31 week picture.  Crazy what 3 weeks will do!

Image(excuse the red face.  I am still getting over an allergic reaction I had to some penicillin last week.  Long boring story but we are both doing well)

Just for laughs, I found a picture of myself at 13 weeks, when I was SO SURE that the world would know that I was pregnant.  Hahahaha.

ImageI have one more class to teach on Wednesday (and quite a bit of grading over the weekend).  Then the week of May 13th, my classes are doing some interactive stuff (presentations, simulation) so there will be a lot of sitting on my butt.  On the 20th, I give my two finals (same course) and then collect research papers (over the internet) on the 22nd.  Then, a mere 4 days later, the premier of Season Four of Arrested Development!  Baby Boy is welcome to come anytime after that!

Hope everyone is having a great May!


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8 Responses to Taking it down a notch

  1. Anne says:

    Ahhhh, look at you! You look so happy in that top picture 🙂 It is crazy to compare 31 weeks to the 13 week picture! I think that bump was probably not too noticeable to anyone but you, but compared to pre-pregnancy (like, check you out at our wedding!), I can see why you thought that then.

    I’m glad that your semester is nearing its end so you can get a little r&r in before that baby comes. Are we having a google hangout to watch Arrested Development or something? Liveblogging it? Making some bangers and hot ham water?

  2. susanify says:

    Yes, we’ll do something special, maybe joint live/FB blogging. We’ll have to coordinate our schedules and make sure we can both access the episode, though (David Cross thinks that the netflix server is going to crash, so maybe not on the first day). EEEE!!! When I see billboards and ads for AD I get so happy!
    Yeah, it’s a whole new body. It’s totally worth it but it’s so alien! Ugh, when I look at pics from your wedding, I get annoyed that I ever put down my figure in the past. I was stoopid!

    • Anne says:

      So now you see why I was always confused about you putting down your body! You looked great before and you look great now, just in very different ways 🙂

      • susanify says:

        I am able to appreciate the beauty in every body (particularly others’ bodies) except the one I am currently inhabiting at the moment. Whatever the reason is, I know that it’s not normal! I’m trying to get better!

  3. E Jo says:

    My writing group & I — who communicate almost entirely in AD & 30 Rock quotes — are already planning multiple viewing & re-viewing parties. My writing group is awesome (also we had chocolate chip waffles on Monday to kickoff summer). But, dude, you are a rockstar for surviving your term that goes so. late. I turn in grades tomorrow and I felt like that was forever. Also, your weekend sounds far more social than mine have been the last couple of weeks… and I’m not growing a human.

    • susanify says:

      Your writing group sounds like heaven… like a juice box… like a Frozen Banana… like a whole bag of candy beans!
      As for the term, we did start basically in February so I have no grounds for complaint… except that I am getting bigger and bigger.
      Does it count to be social when you cancel plans?
      Hope you’re enjoying your post-grading bliss!

  4. Raquelita says:

    Yikes about the allergic reaction! I’m glad to hear that you are both okay! We had a dangling Monday of classes last week and then finals started on Tuesday. Both of my classes had their finals on Friday so I took a lot of grading with me to Vancouver and did it on the planes. Grades had to be turned in yesterday, and now I am enjoying the sweet aimlessness of a few days of freedom at home. I wish Arrested Development started now so Mark and I could watch together before I leave for the summer, but really I’m just thrilled it’s coming back!

    • susanify says:

      Congrats on being done with the semester! I look forward to joining you in that sweet, sweet place soon. Looks like your Vanc trip was awesome and I hope you continue to have amazing trips this summer!

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