Self-care and nesting/hoarding

Monday was my last official show up day of the semester, where I had to give my final exam to two courses.  I get research papers from my senior seminar tomorrow, which shouldn’t take more than a day to grade (unless I get stragglers).  I am done with the exam grading (nothing like mid-day focus and a good red pen) as of 10 minutes ago, and I said I’d reward myself with blogging!I am now 36 weeks (and two days).  I feel like he is getting pointier. 


He’s getting bigger, but not much rounder on the sides.  Evidently, this is a “classic boy” bump (other than sitting quite low)


Since the semester is basically over (although my writing commitments are not!), I’m making self-care and baby prepping a bigger priority.  Today went like this:

9:30-11:30 La Leche League meeting

11:30-noon: chatting with women that I met at said meeting (and some email exchanges)

noon-1:30: buying some good second hand stuff for Buddy Boy, via a parenting listserve

1:30-6:00 forcing myself to grade.  Not forcing myself to eat and nap.

6:30-8:30: Prenatal yoga class (felt so great).

8:30-now (11:30): making dinner, eating dinner, more grading, cleaning up after Buster’s runny poo problem (he told us that he’s just trying to prepare us for the inevitable shit storm to come, pun intended).  Thank goodness for Nature’s Miracle.

So here is part of my recent haul (I also dragged Steven to Ft. Greene on Sunday to pick up one of those Fisher Price rocking sleeper things.  Which evidently have mold problems.  I spent Sunday night disinfecting and cleaning out mildew stains).


Baby Jogger City Mini (evidently very popular here in NYC.  Can’t be used as a jogging stroller, though).  I got this for a mere $50.  And it rides great (not that I’d know what a smooth stroller ride is like.  I’ve only pushed cheapo umbrella strollers from my sister’s babyhood, about 20-18 years ago).


Boppy pillow (free!)


Puj foam in sink infant tub (also free!  Thanks, generous list serve lady).

Blokey and I have also started to wash the piles and piles of secondhand (gifted and otherwise) clothes we have.  And I need to get started on making some cloth diapering decisions.  (Luckily, one of the nice fellow LLL meeting attendees said she’d share some of her cloth diaper wisdom with me).

I feel like there a lot to do still, but in reality, there’s not that much to do.  The rest of the week I have the following mama-care activities: prenatal acupuncture, OB visit, prenatal massage (the one and only- those things are pricey) and prenatal date night.  It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Happy week to all!


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2 Responses to Self-care and nesting/hoarding

  1. Franca says:

    OOoh, so exciting, not long now! Enjoy those last weeks as much as you can!

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