A return to blogging?

It has been a long time since updated this blog. Parenthood makes one busy. But I was reading over this the other day and I liked how I journalled my pregnancy. There are a lot of details I forgot in those posts. Leon’s infancy is just flying by. I want to occassionally blog just as a record. The few people who read this blog are now my FB friends. But I still want to do this for me (and maybe Leon will like it one day).
So what’s new since my last post:
1) Back to work: I started my first semester in the classroom since Leon’s arrival. I had quite a few students from spring 2013 and they were curious about Leon. One kind student told me that I looked “good and well-rested.” I wanted to quote JOB Bluth. “It’s an illusion!”
2) Major milestones: sitting up (5.5 months), teeth (around 6 months-just two so far), crawling (7.5 months). He is starting to pull himself up to standing, but on low-ish props (Dad’s legs). Then he lets go with one hand and bounces, in a weirdly adorable twerking motion. Drinking from a glass (but refuses sippy cups and bottles). Still no rolling over.
3) He accompanied me on a cross continent flight for a job interview. I got the offer, but we are staying. The week after the trip, we moved to Jackson Heights. It’s not Brooklyn, but I am a fan.
4) Solid foods. I know this might change, but he is a champ. He eats everything and anything. Indian food. Mexican food. Lentil and kale. Empanadas. Even spicy foods. Ok, he cries after eating something spicy but keeps going for it.
5) Leon refused his nanny/babysitter. There was a local family that wanted to host but Leon cried and cried when I left him. And we tried a lot. 3 weeks. The nanny blamed me for not sleep training him, bottle feeding, and holding him too much. Umm, no.
So what do we do for childcare? I teach 12:15-4:05 pm Monday/Wesnesday. Steven teaches 8 AM-Noon. I somehow schlep this 22 lbs soon-to-be toddler on the subway and the Leon plays in my office for 10 minutes with my colleague at noon. Steven comes and takes him home around 12:15. So far, so good. Invariable, Leon will poo just after I put on work clothes and before we leave. Ah, the joys of working mom-hood.
6) Sleep. Is Leon sleeping through the night? Independently? No. He wakes to eat as much as he wants. He sleeps in a side car crib. He sometimes ends up in bed again. We will probably not sleep train him, but there may be some gradual, gentle night weaning somewhere down the line. No crying alone, though. I know it works for some but I am not willing to do it.
7) Blah bwah bah- Leon is super vocal. He says “mama” and “dada” but they don’t seem to mean mommy and daddy. He also loves “ye ye ye.” Also he loves the cats and perks up at their meows. We are trying to teach signs but he doesn’t always look at us.
8) I am officially one of those nutter looking moms who wears her baby on her back everywhere. In a front carrier for transit/long trips. As he is getting so heavy, we are thinking of getting a carrier for the “larger baby.”

I should go to sleep. If you can’t tell, I am very proud mom. I love parenting Leon. He isn’t easy, but he is my favorite person.


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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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