What we did Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, aka teaching Friday. Leon and I rode a train into Manhattan around 10 am. He played in my office, Dad picked him up at noon, and I taught my classes. I almost packed everything I needed this morning (ice pack for expressed milk, lunch, books, noise protection for L), but when I had my break, I realized that I forgot lids for the milk bottles. Augh! I put over 6 oz. in a bottle and then a ziplock. Over 2 oz. spilled out, but there’s still plenty for next time.
There was a package when I got home. Our Kindercoat (for babywearing) arrived!


It isn’t warm enough for this vortex business, but we will wear it soon.¬† As you can see by Leon’s expression, he’s not quite sold on this yet. He prefers being in the jacket with a back carry


Then we had some dinner. wpid-20140129_194314.jpg

Or we ate dinner and Leon threw a bunch on the floor and wore some more.

Kale, lentils, brown rice, and sweet potato. He probably won’t eat this way his whole life.wpid-20140129_192746.jpg

Then while washing dishes with me, he fell asleep on my back.wpid-20140129_202115.jpg

Man, our kitchen mirror is gross.

Both my boys are passed out right now. Oh here is what our collective sleeping area looks like.


But don’t be fooled. He never sleeps in the sidecar crib. Nope, our little dude sleeps right in the middle of us. He likes to play in his crib. But if he is not cradled thisclose to me in bed, heads will roll. Who am I to argue?


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6 Responses to What we did Wednesday

  1. E Jo says:

    Pretty jealous of Wednesday as teaching Friday — I’m teaching a MWF schedule after having TR last term, and, man, it’s taking me a while to get used to be in front of a classroom that extra day. Partly it helped that I had really great groups of students in my classes last term, and these guys this term are a little slower to perk up.

    Man, L is a cute little guy — hard to believe he’s so big already!

    • susanify says:

      Crazy how time flies!

    • susanify says:

      Oops hit send too quickly. Sorry about that MWF schedule. I hope you have a short teaching day or long breaks in between. Our school has a high teaching load but we typically get two preps and 2 day/week schedules. That may change soon…

      • E Jo says:

        I have a long break between classes which, for me, actually makes it worse — it makes it nearly impossible to get anything done because I’m in “teaching mode” longer. But, really, I shouldn’t complain; I teach a 2/2 to students that I mostly find super endearing with their scrubbed face sincerity. Sorry to hear that your teaching stuff might change.

        Also, FYI, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods in mid-March, if you’re around…

      • susanify says:

        Yes, I am around! I can’t wait to meet you. Leon is excited as well! Let me know if you need a place to crash. (baby crying included)

      • E Jo says:

        Excellent! I think I’m going to stay in the ridiculously overpriced conference hotel for convenience sake (I’m co-organizing a panel over three days so being close might be helpful) but thanks for the offer! Once I’ve got my plans firmed up, I’ll let you know the details!

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