Forget me Now

It seems like I almost have this whole “working mom/commuting/pumping” thing down. Almost.  Today was the third day of teaching.  But like every other day, I always forget one thing.  Either I forget it at home, or I leave it at school on the way home.  I forget the lids to the milk bottles last Wednesday.  I forgot cloth diapers last Monday.  Today, I brought a cloth diaper but no “wet bag” to bring home the dirty diaper in. (I removed the liners from the garbage cans in my office, and then wrapped it in the shrink wrap that a recent journal came with). So I got the stinkiest solid-food diaper treat before my first class, all the comfort of my little office (with windows that don’t open).

Since I am sleep deprived, and already quite scatter brained, this is no surprise.  I keep worrying that I’ll forget my cold pack for the bottles, but I guess I am so focused on it, that other things fall to the wayside.  I need a better routine.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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2 Responses to Forget me Now

  1. Anne says:

    Hmm… what about a checklist of some sort? I used to always forget stuff when I’d go to the office (especially now that I do it so rarely!), but once I made a list of everything I need to take with me, I started remembering everything. It also helps if I pack up as much as I can the night before – is that an option with at least some things?

    • susanify says:

      I do need a list. But I should probably tattoo to my left hand. And it keeps changing, too. Like now we know that Leon needs his lion blanket to fall asleep with Steven. This may be what they call “Mommy brain.” Yet I am still generally able to keep it together. Just missing a few minor details.
      Sweet Forget-ness!

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