Weekend in the country

Weekend in the country

This weekend, Leon and I took the Metro North commuter rail up to Beacon, NY to visit my recently moved from Brooklyn colleague who wanted more country living. She and her wife are super happy up there and we are happy to have friends to visit in a cute, small town setting. Leon was so happy and comfortable there. He loved their rescue dog, Billie, who hasn’t had a lot of experience around kids. My friends were kind of scared that she might nip at Leon, as Leon can get screechy when excited/happy/annoyed, but they became fast friends.

What is it with babies and animals? How do they know that pets are kindred spirits? It is so cute to watch. I just wish that I didn’t have to step in cat shit the exact moment when Leon makes an atomic diaper deposit. But hey, I signed up for this poo-filled crazy. It’s not that bad. Just kinda stinky.

In other news, Leon is getting his top front teeth coming in (slowly).  This had led to the OMG Greatest Thing Ever, namely grinding his teeth for fun.  It’s less fun for me.  Also, with our early morning commutes (OK, that not that early), Leon is slowly shifting sleep wise from an anarchist graduate student (“I don’t sleep before 1 AM, man”) to a banker, waking up as early as 7:50 AM. WEIRD.

Because of weird President’s Day holidays, I only taught on Monday this week.  I don’t teach again until next Wednesday the 19th.  Like a nice, pre-Spring Break!


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