My new carrier review- the Boba 4G


As a dedicated baby-wearer, I love my Ergo. No, I loved my Ergo. I purchased it last April or so off the Ft. Greene Kids Yahoo listserve for $50. I was perfect for my newbie mom self. But it was too short in the body and not ideal for my back leaner. Now that our Boo is so heavy (21.5 lbs according to my highly unscientific bathroom scale method), I want to back carry him more but the Ergo feels unsafe. I love using the wrap at home but my bum left wrist makes wrapping a pain. So I flirted with the idea of getting a Boba 4G carrier for a while. On Wednesday, I met a mom friend at Caribou Baby in Greenepoint and we tried it on. I was hooked.
Some people have complained in online reviewsthat the Boba 3G slid off their shoulders in front carries. I think the G4 (fourth generation) has fixed this problem. It came in different colors, but I am strictly a chic and elegant black typr. It is soft, comfy, ergonomic, and much longer in the body than the Ergo. Maybe 3″ longer? Leon doesn’t LOVE it in front carries. But he definitely enjoys it for back carries. And even dad finds it easy to use.
The best part? A sleeping and comfy baby napping on my back with a supported head. I took this pic while preparing dinner today. Worth every penny.  [The only bummer is tbat since it is so versatile and fits a range of body types, there is a lot of loose strappage when Steven and I wear it. I was able to minimize it a bit using the elastic on the ends but the effect is kind of tentacle-y and messy. I could cut and hem the nylon straps but that would limit whom we could pass it onto].
We may hold onto to the Ergo, or we may give it away. If we have a second, we could use the Boba from the newborn stage, as there is a cute velcro piece to shorten the carrier (removable).
I was not compensated for this post that likely only friends will read. I paid full price for the Boba and all opinions are mine.


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