A long time reader of this blog might remember the trip S and I took to Gothenburg last year, where I became enamored with Swedish cardamom-y pastries. So good. A Facebook exchange and happenstance brought to Fika (Swedish for Kaffepause) where we saw semla, this poofy and creamy confection. It is a cardamom soft roll with a marzipan and whipped cream filling (with some bread filling scooped out). It is traditionally part of Swedish pre-Lent gorging, but evidently it is available in bakeries and cafes around Christmas until Easter.
We didn’t get a semla the first time we went to Fika but since today was basically tropical at 45 degrees, I got off the subway a few stops early and picked up a semla and decaf.


We saved half for Steven. Leon got a taste of the bun, which isn’t very sweet.
Tonight, Leon joined me and my lady colleagues for tapas, as most 9 month olds enjoy. The cutest moment- when we toasted the fun of a get together, Leon insisted on sipping my water glass (which I used to toast) as everyone else had a drink. He couldn’t have timed it better. (Then he ate roasted Brussels sprouts, whole wheat pita, spinach, and empire beans).
It was a long day. Semla, Central Park, tapas, and charming a gaggle of young college girls on the train home. All in a day’s work.


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One Response to Fika

  1. Anne says:

    Wow, pastries, tapas and cocktalis? That Leon really gets out a lot 🙂

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