Whizzing through

Whizzing through

How is it already week 8 of the semester? Since we have a LONG spring break (Passover) and quite a few other holidays that match us with the NYC public school calendar, we are not quite half way through, but it feels pretty close. My students have their midterm next Monday and it’s finally start to feel a bit springy.
Days are flying by. Although sometimes the hours drag (and the nights when there is teething or other pain), I can’t believe how quickly everything is going. My little boo is almost 10 months old- pulling up to standing, cautiously cruising, babbling up a storm, and taking it all in. After 6 PM everyday, I can really get much done- it’s all about getting dinner ready, on the table, baby bathed, nursed down, and then asleep. Since he still nurses at night, I need to stay close by so he doesn’t properly wake (thank you laptop, for allowing me to continue to maintain some productivity).
My mom called me the other day to inquire about his first birthday party. Oh Lordy, another deadline. But it’ll be a cute one.
(This photo wasn’t staged, exactly. When he insisted upon being taken out of his high chair during dinner, I put Leon on my lap and then he started eating my dinner. The sight of the pasta hanging out of his mouth was so cute, I made Steven run and get the camera. OK, I’m a bit posed but Leon is pure, un-staged baby Blue Steel magic).


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2 Responses to Whizzing through

  1. anne says:

    10 months? Wow, that was fast! And I’m just assuming you’re the one who spilled spaghetti all over your lap 🙂

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