Restricting AGAIN

Man, the things I happily do for my kid.

Leon has had some pretty nasty eczema for the past 6 weeks or so.  I tried using some over the counter stuff but it actually got worse (thanks a lot, Vaniply! Recommended by the National Eczema Foundation. pFFT).  We got a steroid cream but we shouldn’t use it too much (skin thinning, etc.)  Plus, the worst of it is on his knees, which the doc told us to avoid.

All the conventional wisdom out there says that eczema is not related to diet, but at the same time, even conventional voices agree that kids with food allergies often have eczema.  I’ve not been a eczema person myself (except my fingers during the coldest winters of Minnesota), as I am an oily skin type, but Steven is eczema-y.  That plus a cold winter and strong, dry apartment heat= scaly baby.  The crazy thing is that he is actually still very cheerful and happy (other than teething) and doesn’t seem to itch much.  BUT he still wakes up a lot at night (which other moms on the internets are saying is because of pain/itching), and if I can switch thing up to minimize that, I’d love it.

So I am back on a restricted diet.  Gah, I hate it because BF makes me uber hungry.  I am going egg, gluten, and dairy free.  I thought about excluding tree nuts, but I need calories.  We picked up a bunch of rice crackers for Leon and me (and I should grab some Rice Chex for a snacking), and I need to go buy some coconut ice cream, because I deserve it.  Otherwise, most of our meals will stay about the same.  But no more bagels for this NY baby.  I’m one day in and starving, as usual.  Leon’s skin has been improving but it’s nowhere near healed.  Here’s hoping.  (I will happily cut all fun foods out of my life permanently if that improved my bub’s health.  But I probably won’t have to).


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