Only 2 weeks of the semester left.  I am somehow muddling through my first semester as a working mom.  Exhausting yet pretty good.  In the next month, I need to finish grading, plan a family trip to Sweden, grade all of the papers and final exams, and plan/execute Leon’s first birthday party.

Here’s what we/I have been up to these days:

1) Running:
I have run 2 5Ks this semester.  The first one didn’t have an official time.  The second one, I finished in 24:50.  Not bad, not great either.  I’d love to run it in around 22 minutes.  Leon came to the race and he wasn’t impressed. But he did want milk (OMG, aerobic activity leads to a totally noticeable spike in mom juice, due to the spike in prolactin.  Boobs are just sexualized sweat glands, it appears).

2) Reading: I read library ebooks on my phone while feeding Leon (still)
Red Love by Maxim Leo (62% done)
Mad about the Boy by Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones is 50!)

3) Eating:
These days, we’re all about getting food in mouth. Ideally, whole grains, greens, and beans. I can’t believe how many times I’ve done Italian Wonderpot.  Our variation: use whole wheat linguine and add white beans.  It makes it more hearty and protein-y.

4) Major childrearing dilemma:
Nightweaning. Should we or should we wait until he’s older? Even some of my most crunch/attachment-y friends have night weaned by age one. But I’d like to wait until he’s verbal. We tried to have Blokey put Leon to sleep and get him back to sleep the one night I went out with girlfriend (I didn’t come home until 11!) but then Leon ate SO much when he finally got milk in the morning that he puked it all up.

5) Thinking about:
Toddlerhood, a possible second child (this may remain only a fantasy for quite a while), wishing I could read Thomas Picketty’s new book, new research, new papers, new administrative roles.


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Brooklyn-based, cheap, nerdy, and mom-to-be. Blogger formerly known as Rad.
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