Bumps in the road


Leon is crawling so much and so well lately, that he’s always a blur.

Wooden floors fit our preferred pre-war urban aesthetic, but they’re not ideal for a baby who’s moving about.  Even with grippy socks, Leon often falls and slips when he’s doing some of his fancier moves, like three point turns.  Today, when our 6′ 2″ friend came to visit, Leon looked up at him (standing up) and fell backwards.  Oops.

The best thing for the mobile baby is carpets/mats, or bare skin on the floors, but our floors aren’t in the best shape.  We do the best we can to keep things clean but sometimes Leon’s knees are just covered in floor schmutz.

Luckily, 2 minutes on the boob can fix almost any bump or boo-boo.  We also got the ubiquitous foam interlocking alphabet mat from a neighbor today (price=free) to add to the living room play area.  I looked at photo of our living and said “It looks like crazy people live here.”

Crazy people do live here.  Well, two nutter adults and a crazily cute baby!

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My new carrier review- the Boba 4G


As a dedicated baby-wearer, I love my Ergo. No, I loved my Ergo. I purchased it last April or so off the Ft. Greene Kids Yahoo listserve for $50. I was perfect for my newbie mom self. But it was too short in the body and not ideal for my back leaner. Now that our Boo is so heavy (21.5 lbs according to my highly unscientific bathroom scale method), I want to back carry him more but the Ergo feels unsafe. I love using the wrap at home but my bum left wrist makes wrapping a pain. So I flirted with the idea of getting a Boba 4G carrier for a while. On Wednesday, I met a mom friend at Caribou Baby in Greenepoint and we tried it on. I was hooked.
Some people have complained in online reviewsthat the Boba 3G slid off their shoulders in front carries. I think the G4 (fourth generation) has fixed this problem. It came in different colors, but I am strictly a chic and elegant black typr. It is soft, comfy, ergonomic, and much longer in the body than the Ergo. Maybe 3″ longer? Leon doesn’t LOVE it in front carries. But he definitely enjoys it for back carries. And even dad finds it easy to use.
The best part? A sleeping and comfy baby napping on my back with a supported head. I took this pic while preparing dinner today. Worth every penny.  [The only bummer is tbat since it is so versatile and fits a range of body types, there is a lot of loose strappage when Steven and I wear it. I was able to minimize it a bit using the elastic on the ends but the effect is kind of tentacle-y and messy. I could cut and hem the nylon straps but that would limit whom we could pass it onto].
We may hold onto to the Ergo, or we may give it away. If we have a second, we could use the Boba from the newborn stage, as there is a cute velcro piece to shorten the carrier (removable).
I was not compensated for this post that likely only friends will read. I paid full price for the Boba and all opinions are mine.

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Weekend in the country

Weekend in the country

This weekend, Leon and I took the Metro North commuter rail up to Beacon, NY to visit my recently moved from Brooklyn colleague who wanted more country living. She and her wife are super happy up there and we are happy to have friends to visit in a cute, small town setting. Leon was so happy and comfortable there. He loved their rescue dog, Billie, who hasn’t had a lot of experience around kids. My friends were kind of scared that she might nip at Leon, as Leon can get screechy when excited/happy/annoyed, but they became fast friends.

What is it with babies and animals? How do they know that pets are kindred spirits? It is so cute to watch. I just wish that I didn’t have to step in cat shit the exact moment when Leon makes an atomic diaper deposit. But hey, I signed up for this poo-filled crazy. It’s not that bad. Just kinda stinky.

In other news, Leon is getting his top front teeth coming in (slowly).  This had led to the OMG Greatest Thing Ever, namely grinding his teeth for fun.  It’s less fun for me.  Also, with our early morning commutes (OK, that not that early), Leon is slowly shifting sleep wise from an anarchist graduate student (“I don’t sleep before 1 AM, man”) to a banker, waking up as early as 7:50 AM. WEIRD.

Because of weird President’s Day holidays, I only taught on Monday this week.  I don’t teach again until next Wednesday the 19th.  Like a nice, pre-Spring Break!

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Someone’s top two front teeth are coming in! (or out?) I only noticed because I was swinging him (gently) upside down and saw them. Someone is growing so fast!
Yesterday, I couldn’t tell if I was sleep deprived or starving after class. Either way, there was no cooking happening. We went to one of the many decent Indian buffets in the neighborhood, where Leon ate everything and also threw a bunch of stuff on the floor. A waiter reprimanded me when I tried to clean it up, so we just left a big tip. Leon also was entranced by these two loud talking Queens stereotype-y dudes (unplaceable ethnic white guys with thick outer borough accents talking about general business deals. Think minor side characters from King of Queens) and the solo lady diner to our right in a pink sweater. Of course, he charmed them all, too.
I only forgot my scarf yesterday. Not bad (but I did feel cold).

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Hours of supervised fun


Who knew kale stalks were so appealing?

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Forget me Now

It seems like I almost have this whole “working mom/commuting/pumping” thing down. Almost.  Today was the third day of teaching.  But like every other day, I always forget one thing.  Either I forget it at home, or I leave it at school on the way home.  I forget the lids to the milk bottles last Wednesday.  I forgot cloth diapers last Monday.  Today, I brought a cloth diaper but no “wet bag” to bring home the dirty diaper in. (I removed the liners from the garbage cans in my office, and then wrapped it in the shrink wrap that a recent journal came with). So I got the stinkiest solid-food diaper treat before my first class, all the comfort of my little office (with windows that don’t open).

Since I am sleep deprived, and already quite scatter brained, this is no surprise.  I keep worrying that I’ll forget my cold pack for the bottles, but I guess I am so focused on it, that other things fall to the wayside.  I need a better routine.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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Stroller run #1


Since today was a downright balmy 45 degrees and sunny, I thought it was a good day to try the new-to-me jogging stroller. (It is an old school Baby Jogger). I took Leon out in it once when it was 20 something degrees and he was not impressed.
It was warm enough to skip the crazy fluffy fleece blanket layers, so I just dressed L in a fleece jacket, pants, bootie and a hat. He cried when I put him in there, but Daddy calmed him down. Then we did quick 1.75 mile jog. He didn’t smile, but he didn’t cry. He was probably a little overwhelmed. I squatted down next to him at every red light to reassure him. When we got back to our building, he still seemed OK. But then when we got to our apartment’s front door, Leon totally lost it. Poor kid.
I am hoping that he will learn to like it eventually. He hqs only ridden in a stroller 2 times before. I will try 5 more times (in warmish weather) before I give away the stroller. I got it for free off the nieghborhood parents listserve. Score.
I also learned that I am in not so great condition. I walk everywhere carrying Leon, but I lost all my previous conditioning. This isn’t my first postpartum run but I haven’t been as consistent as I would like. I hope to change that with soon.

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